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Project NameCompany NamePre-Bid DateBid DateBids In
RFP-03-21 MHM Hydrogen Maser
The Morehead State University Space Science Center is seeking delivery of an active hydrogen maser.
Morehead State University10/29/2020 03:00 PM ET
4 Days
MO-02-21 Surplus HorseMorehead State University10/15/2020 03:00 PM ET
Post Bid
RFP-02-21; Golf Cart LeaseMorehead State University09/15/2020 03:00 PM ET
Post Bid
RFP-01-21; Price Contract for Employee Life Insurance
Morehead State University is seeking proposals from life insurance companies to furnish the necessary services, materials and supplies to administer and provide a comprehensive Group Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Supplemental Life Insurance, Dependent Group Life Insurance and Retiree Life Insurance contract on the lives of all full-time employees and retirees of the University.
Morehead State University08/18/2020 03:00 PM ET
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MO-17-20 PCT for Trade ServicesMorehead State University07/28/2020 03:00 PM ET
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